Business Performance Management

Unified management and comprehensive analysis over hybrid IT architecture improve business continuity

Full-link Business Performance Analysis Immediate Implementation

Through the collection, processing and intelligent analysis of network traffic data, Netis BPC helps O&M personnel across the cloud, virtual and traditional environments to build full-link business performance analysis with full business coverage and in-depth details of a single transaction. No need to develop, immediate implementation, business stability and worry-free assurance.

More than 2,000 business nodes on the cloud operate stably under the assurance of BPC

20 billion transactions everyday are under the assurance of BPC

BPC supports more than 400 kinds of wire data in the industry, and more than 2,000 kinds of characteristic business application protocols

Across New and Old Architectures, Full-link Analysis

Unified metrics and usage habits across new (cloud, container, microservices) and old (SOA) architectures.




Analysis Once Go-online, Uninterrupted When Changes

Adapt to the new architecture of cloud, container, and microservices, ensure full coverage and continuous availability of analysis capabilities.



Alignment of Business Side and Refined Operation

Continue to take business as the core, high-precision performance measurement covers the entire delivery link, provide fine-grained, high-precision data basis for the elastic scaling and performance optimization of the new architecture.

Rich Implement Experience, Customized and Differentiated Go-cloud Strategy

Based on rich implement experience, provide planning, implement assurance and continuous analysis before, during and after go-cloud.

BPC Go Cloud, Widely Adapt to Mainstream Cloud Environment

Across Hybrid Architecture, Unified and Accurate Data Sources

Bypass collection technology, no need application transformation, no effect on production;

Whole network collection covers traditional networks, virtual and cloud environments;

Real process data completely reflects business behavior and process.

End-to-end Real-time Alerting and Fault Locating

The fault alerting and locating function realized based on wire data provide end-to-end real-time alerting and fault locating capabilities across traditional environments and cloud environments.

Intelligent Fault Root Cause Analysis

Automatically find out the dimension level and dimension value that caused the alert within 5 seconds, reduce repeated manual query operation.

Apply O&M Big Data to Various Business Scenarios

Apply to various business scenarios, like real-time transaction analysis, financial sales analysis and real-time loan issuance analysis.

Agricultural Bank of China

“In the design of the application analysis function of core banking, the wire data technology is used instead of log collection as the analysis data source. The application analysis function implemented by using the wire data technology has obvious advantages. First, the adaptability and scalability of analysis dimensions and analysis metrics are strong. Data in different dimensions can be collected flexibly according to O&M and management requirements, and analysis information can be focused on real-time concerns. Second, this technology does not consume valuable mainframe resources and does not increase the running pressure of mainframe due to the analysis function.”

China Merchants Bank

“In the past years, Netis has cooperated with us, especially in the BPC project. We have developed eight sets of systems, which fully meets our requirements. We hope that the cooperation can be better in the future.”

China Minsheng Bank

“Since we introduced BPC products in 2013, BPC has become an important analysis tool in our bank’s technology O&M system. At present, BPC has guaranteed the stable operation of 35 key business systems in the three data centers of our bank. Over the years, BPC has cooperated with our bank in new system go-online, new machine room migration, ECC large-screen analysis, dual-active application transformation, etc., effectively guaranteeing the smooth operation of our bank’s important business systems.”

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