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Netis delivers professional technical support and service offerings to support the business objectives and maximize the value of of our customers’ investment.

Service and Support Portals


Customers can access to Netis service through our web and contact with our experts.


5×8 hours of mobile phone service provide prompt response for product installation, use, and maintenance problems.


Netis provides technical support e-mail services. Users can contact the service department via e-mail which will respond to user’s mail within 24 hours.

Netis Professional Support Services

Netis provides professional support services in time, including product upgrades, product on-site troubleshooting, configuration changes, etc.

  • Configuration changes:Configuration changes generated under the framework of the confirmed project interface
  • Troubleshooting:For the fault caused by product problem
  • Product upgrades:Including product upgrade requirements from ” product function updates”, “product bug fixes “, and “customer-side new requirements “

If remote support cannot sovle the problems, Netis provides on-site support.

Netis Service-Level Guidelines

Level Description Response Time

Product problems affect customers’ business production.

Refer to but not limited to the following scenario:

A customer’s service operation is affected due to product faults (Restful API data interruption) and cannot be recovered;

Remote response within 30 minutes and follow-up within 2 hours


Products are completely unavailable or most functions and monitoring applications of them are unavailable.

Refer to but not limited to the following scenario:

Key monitoring functions caused by product faults (service path view, multi-dimensional statistics and transaction tracing etc.), or alert function module is ceased and cannot be restored; repeated occurrence, long-term and comprehensive delay, no alternative solutions, and large-scale data loss;

Remote response within 60 minutes and follow-up within 6 hours


One or more monitoring applications are unavailable for products.

Refer to but not limited to the following scenario:

Key monitoring functions caused by product faults (service path view, multi-dimensional statistics and transaction tracing etc.), or some key functions of alert function module or monitoring charts are unavailable and cannot be restored; repeated and long-term delay of a monitoring system without alternative solutions and data loss of partial monitoring points;

Remote response within 2 hours and follow-up within 12 hours


General issues of products, including some ancillary functions are unavailable.

Refer to but not limited to the following scenario:

Small-range abnormal display caused by product faults; abnormal auxiliary functions of non-important monitoring (self-detection, self-monitoring and so on); small-range and short-time delay data loss for non-important monitoring.

Respond within the next business day

Professional Training

Netis provides professional product-related training, including product introduction, function introduction, product configuration, etc.

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